Sunday, March 30, 2014

My New Voice

Check out my new voice!

In the last few months I have really buckled down. I quit drinking, I quit all poisonous relationships, and I started following my dreams. Not only that...I've figured out how to turn my hurt into a purpose. Helping others. I wouldn't have done any of this without my Danny Caudle. I am the luckiest woman alive and I can't wait for the future.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Penny Board

Allison gets a Penny Board as a new mode of transportation and takes a good spill.

I won't give up! Im getting back on the board until I can ride it to the store and back like a natural. I encourage others to get out and try new things!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Simon Sinek Quote

Danny quotes Magical Thinker Simon Sinek.

Windy Trip

Danny and Allison take a trip to Death Valley CA to practice their travel survival skills. However, they come back with more then that. A new purpose and a great idea called "The Giving. Tree".

Danny's Story:
Allison and I took a trip to Death Valley.  We prepared for a couple nights camping and imagined we were on the road for our American Tour that we have been preparing for.

We initially lost internet connection deep in the Mojave Desert. Our maps app stopped working.  We backtracked till we got our internet connection back and realized we didn't have a place to camp and couldn't find a camp ground.

8 hours after we departed from Fresno we found a dusty vacant road off the freeway in the middle of California.
We get out of our car and it was windy.
Too windy.
Allison and I set up our tent in 10 minutes in the dead of night with our flashlights and cooperation.
We are starting to realize teamwork is one of the keys we are going to need to have success on our American Tour.
We load the sleeping bags, blankets and dogs into the tent and call it a night at 3:30am.

At 6:30am the wind is blowing the tent so hard it's impossible to sleep.
It doesn't look like the $30 tent can cut it.
We take down and pack up our tent and hit the road before 7am and head to Death Valley.
We realized when we were driving the same roads we were lost on a couple hours earlier and we were driving by campgrounds.  A lot of campgrounds at that.
We stopped to check em out and see if they would do for our campsite for our trip.
It was just too damn windy.  We wouldn't be able to make a fire, sit and talk, anything really.  We were in the middle of a wind storm.

We get back on track and found a town with internet and plugged back into our maps app.  One road would lead us into Death Valley from the town we were at.
We were about 100 miles from our destination.

As we drove into Death Valley we hit a Road Closed sign.
We got out of the car to take a break and stretch our legs.  I mean, it's not like anyone is going to be bothered we stopped at a dead end in the middle of the desert.
Yeah.. Then a guy drove out of the "Closed Road" in a white van and said "I wouldn't go that way if I were you".  Creepy, right!?  Yeah we thought so too.

We backtracked a mile to a road we initially saw and went down it.  It was perfect.  Isolated. deserted.
The winds were behaving a bit different in the Valley and it was bearable to set up camp.
We strategically placed our tent and built our fireplace to block the wind.
Our trip had begun.
So did the wind storm.

We managed to do our thing in the Valley till 6pm.  We had to call it quits.  We were tired, dusty and found what we were looking for in the trip.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Steve Jobs Quote

Danny quotes Magical Thinker Steve Jobs. We encourage you to be a Magical Thinker too!

There's A Madness In Us All

Join The Current
Two local rappers stop and free style with Danny in front of Irene's Café.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Road Trip'n Dog VS Road Trip'n Baby

Road Trip'n Dog VS Road Trip'n Baby
In this episode Allison begs Danny for another dog.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mark Castro's Campaign

Magical Thinker Danny Caudle plays a tune for Mark Castro and his campaign.

Arbor Faire Jam

Magical Thinker Danny Caudle volunteers his time at a senior community.

Don't be a free chicken!!

Magical Thinker Danny Caudle busts out his moves in the middle of Freebirds!!! Are you a free chicken or a free bird?! Now that's something to sing about!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How To Plan An American Tour
Week 12
Magical Thinker Danny Caudle explains why he is going on an American tour.

Vlog Makeover

How To Plan An American tour
Week 12
Vlog Makeover
Magical Thinker Allison Shockley researches how to improve her vlog in order to be a successful travel vlogger and make the 50 state tour happen.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Danny Loves Old Spice

Danny loves Old Spice

Support Magical Thinking

How To Plan An American Tour
Week 11

In this episode Danny gets back out at Irene's. This time realizing the power of relationships. Without the support of peers there would be no tour. Help support your local artists. Help support magical thinking!

Pizza Time!

Everyone has to take a pizza break. Even the infamous Danny Caudle. In this clip Danny chows down some Me N Eds giving the couple something to sing about (;

Behind The Scenes Of The KSEE 24 Feature

How To Plan An American Tour
Week 10

In this episode Danny gets featured by reporter Angela Greenwood on channel KSEE 24.

Price VS Value

How To Plan An American Tour
Week 8

In this episode Danny and Allison take a last minute, weekend trip to Morro bay. They put their abilities to make money while traveling to the test. Only to discover that they need to figure out other avenues of income.

Laundry Day

How To Plan An American Tour
Laundry Day

In this clip Allison gets attitude with the laundry mat owner because she wants to sit in the laundry cart. Some people never grow up.

End Of The Tower District Saga

How To Plan An American Tour
Week 7
End Of The Tower District Saga

In this episode Danny gets run out of tower by the cops. He decides to put an end to his performing in  front of Irene's cafe and move on to Clovis.